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Our Mission it to empower young professionals to take control of there financial future with our education, tools, resources, and suite of software to allow anyone driven to succeed in investing & trading a vehicle to accomplish their goals.


Our Story

We are a collection of like minded entrepreneurs that have been chasing our dreams and starting companies for nearly a decade now.

Our Co-founder and CEO, Josh Miller, got his start in the crypto in 2012 when bitcoin was still under $100. It was from there that he began buying bitcoin and learning all about the technology behind it, the blockchain. 

“What’s so powerful about bitcoin is it’s a mechanism for creating and democratizing wealth in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

It was this mission to empower people financially that drove Josh and the rest of the team to launching Crypto Mavericks. 

We looked around and what we noticed was that the biggest hurdle crypto had to overcome to gain mass adoption was the lack of trust and understanding about what crypto really is and what it can do for society.

We knew we could provide an incredible amount of value in the space by leveraging our backgrounds in technology and entrepreneurship and doing it in a way the congruent with our core values.

We saw an opportunity not just to build a business, but to transform the lives of billions of people in the process.

Our team is fully committed to helping every individual to achieve their full potential in the crypto space. Whether that’s learning more about how to safely use crypto, how to trade them, or how to make a sustainable income by leveraging your expertise in the industry.

Crypto Mavericks is here to provide an example of the company/ organization of the future that should run. We ensure everyone we work and interact with wins/ gains tremendous value coming in contact with us. We believe creating a better world by doing better business is the core value we hold above all. 

How We operate to create Wins for all we touch


To drive worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as well as the strategies and techniques to be a successful trader/ investor in the new economy to empower each individual and as a result society at large.


Provide clear, powerful, and accurate information so anyone can learn and prosper.


From our education to our partnerships, everything we do is about positioning people for success. We strive to give everyone the tools, resources, and connections they need to take them to the next level.

Our Founders



Hey there! My name is Josh Miller and I want to quickly share a bit about me. Before I do, I want to say thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on bitcoin, crypto and the future economy. 

My Background as an entrepreneur is in building systems, high-level finance, and cutting edge marketing strategies. 

I Co-founded the influencer and full-scale Digital Marketing agency, Invigor8, with some of my best friends. 

Having been in Bitcoin since 2012, I have now decided to focus almost entirely on building companies in this space.  

Matt Lopez


Matt Lopez is an Author, Entrepreneur, and lifelong learner. He has helped build multiple businesses from digital marketing to blockchain and cryptocurrency startups before the age of 22. At his latest role at Crypto Mavericks, he oversees all of the content, media promotions, influencer networks, and digital marketing. 

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