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It all starts with education. Education is the seed the plants the roots of success.

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We live in a digital world

A OPPORTUNITY for all, Thats a Win-Win-Win

If it's not a win-win-win, we don't do it. From our content creators, to our team members, to our customers, everything we do is about putting people in a position to succeed.

Our story

We are a collection of like minded entrepreneurs that have been chasing our dreams and starting companies for nearly a decade now.

Our Co-founder and CEO, Josh Miller, got his start in the crypto in 2012 when bitcoin was still under $100. It was from there that he began buying bitcoin and learning all about the technology behind it, the blockchain. 


“What’s so powerful about bitcoin is it’s a mechanism for creating and democratizing wealth in a way that we’ve never seen before.”


It was this mission to empower people financially that drove Josh and the rest of the team to launching Crypto Mavericks. 

We looked around and what we noticed was that the biggest hurdle crypto had to overcome to gain mass adoption was the lack of trust and understanding about what crypto really is and what it can do for society.

We knew we could provide an incredible amount of value in the space by leveraging our backgrounds in technology and entrepreneurship and doing it in a way that is congruent with our core values.

We saw an opportunity not just to build a business, but to transform the lives of billions of people in the process.


Our team is fully committed to helping every individual to achieve their full potential in the crypto space. Whether that’s learning more about how to safely use crypto, how to trade them, or how to make a sustainable income by leveraging your expertise in the industry.

Increase Adoption

To drive worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to empower the individual and and as a result benefit society at large.



Provide Education

Provide clear, powerful, and accurate information so anyone can learn and prosper.

Empower people worldwide

From our education to our partnerships, everything we do is about positioning people for success. We strive to give everyone the tools, resources, and connections they need to take them to the next level.


Josh Miller

Founder & CEO

Josh’s background as an entrepreneur is in building systems, high-level finance, and cutting edge marketing strategies. He Co-founded the influencer and full-scale Digital Marketing agency, Invigor8, and has since grown it into a multi 7-figure agency.  He has also been in Bitcoin since 2012, and has now decided to focus entirely to building companies in this space.  


Blake Toves

Chief Marketing Officer

Blake is a marketing expert particularly in digital marketing,  media ad buying, and personal branding. He has help build multiple 7 figure business and consulted with some of the largest trading and financial education influencers out there today. 


Matt Lopez

Co-Founder and COO

Matt Lopez has built multiple businesses from digital marketing to blockchain and cryptocurrency startups before the age of 22. At his latest role at Crypto Mavericks, he oversees all of the operations. 


Sergey Gordienko

Chief Design Officer

Sergey has more than 15 years experience producing successful projects that portray a compelling on-line presence, enhance brand identity and drive higher levels of customer engagement. He has worked with some of the largest corporations such as Red Bull, McDonald’s, Tesla, Samsung, Del Taco, BMW, IKEA, Unilever, J&J, Diageo, Beluga, MARS.

Sergey brings new ideas to the digital marketing and design world that are outside of conventional advertising; ideas that inspire and challenge the mind.


Sal Eriotes

Head of partnerships & Chief media buyer

Sal has been in the crypto space since early 2017 and has developed a passion for this industry and the technology behind it. While working as a Digital Media Buyer for his own company, he has built up the knowledge and expertise on leveraging Facebook & Instagrams Ad platform to drive millions of people effectively to sites and drive revenue from that.

Sal also has a vast network in the crypto, eCommerce, Network Marketing, and Financial industries that will play a big role in key and highly-valued partnerships.

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