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Our Algorithms Scan 1000's of Assets

Our Advanced Trading Algorithms do the heavy lifting for you by scanning thousands of assets 24/7 to find the best profit opportunities for you to trade!


Immediately alerts you to confirm your entry

You pick the assets you want to trade, then easily set alerts for those assets. As soon as our algorithms pick up on a buy or sell signal, you will be immediately notified. 


Place your trade

You don’t have to be an advanced trader to use our indicator. We’ve built it for the everyday person. By providing you with simple buy and sell signals, you can easily read that charts and place your trades. 

Works on many different Assets

Instantly Become One Of The BEST Crypto Traders in the Game


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Dominate The Forex Market Every Single Day


Invest In Real Estate Like You Own The Place

Works with your existing Investment Strategy

  • Day Trading - Get in and get out quick. Make quick profits by leveraging the compounding affect of small gains.
  • Swing Trading - Be able to time BIG MOVES in the market and be able to quickly take action and capitalize before all the other traders hop in, then get out before they all do.
  • Long Term Investing- Is your strategy buy and hold? Use our algorithms to tell you when to buy before the big dips and when to get back in.


Step-by-step Video tutorials

Premium support

Full documentation

Lifetime updates

Fully Customizable

“I couldn’t be happier with the indicator. The settings are all laid and it works on different time frames. It’s super easy to setup on your existing charts.

If you’re looking to gain an edge in your trading, I highly recommend trying the indicator out.”
– Bryan. Scottsdale, AZ

“Tradings not my day job, so to automate the system, nobody does it better than Dan and Crypto Mavericks. Here are a few of my trades with the indicator: 

Long at $8,164: Sell at $12,224
Sell at $10,800: Buy back at $9,800
Long at $11,600: Take profit at $12,995
Short at $10,492: Buy back at $9,300″


– Ryan. Kentucky

“I’m always traveling around so using the bot has been a super enjoyable experience. It’s automated, easy to follow, and profitable. I highly recommend Crypto Mavericks!”

– Ryan 

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dan. He has dramatically improved my ability to make winning trades.

He showed me exactly how to chart on TradingView and taught me the fundamentals of technical analysis”

“I’m an active duty service member in the military and the thing that I used to find extremely challenging is knowing when and where to invest my money. I felt completely blind to the world of finance and investing.

What Crypto Mavericks has done is given me 20/20 vision to managing my money without me having to go out and learn an entirely new skill.”

Active Duty Military

“I was initially skeptical about using and this kind of trading tool, but WOW!
I have to say I am so glad I gave it a try. 
My results speak for themselves.” 

– Justin

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Reggie is an internationally recognized financial industry strategist. He’s named one of the most influential people in banking and a Top Fintech Influencer. A widely published author of books, articles, and blog posts on cryptocurrencies. He continues to contribute his technical knowledge and commentary in the crypto industry. Reggie has been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, Crypto Coin Show, The Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq, MarketWatch, and The Street.

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Most frequent questions and answers
NO. You will need to learn how to interpret and incorporate the code to your trading arsenal. The arrows do not necessarily mean to blindly act on a trade.

NO. The free version of Trading View will work just fine with your indicator or seminar purchase. The ads will not be removed and you will be limited to 3 indicators being applied simultaneously to any chart. You will also be limited to using one device at a time with the free version.

YES. You will receive an Intro to Maverick Ranger video course as well as a full 20+ page documentation to using the indicator.

You will also receive a free course on technical analysis 

Of course NOT. Anyone who guarantees you will make money is full of it! Trading and technical analysis can be difficult and it takes patience and discipline. Applying these tools and investing in your trading education can help put the odds in your favor but will only assist the individual in their execution, decision making, thought process and executing their own individual trades, NOT make them for you.

YES! The membership to the indicator comes with several courses, including full hour long lessons from Mr. Wall St., one of the top traders around!

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